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State Tax Administrators Testify Before Senate Committee on Tax Refund Fraud [March 12, 2015]


FTA Updates Bylaws - June 11, 2014

FTA Resolutions - June 11, 2014

Mack Gillim of Kentucky Dept. of Revenue Wins the FTA Harley Duncan Award for Leadership - April 21, 2014

FTA Announces 2014 Award Winners for Technology and Research Awards - April 15, 2014


IRS Releases Revenue Ruling Recognizing Same Sex Couples - August 29, 2013

Treasury Annual Report to the States Refund Offset  (collects $560 million in State Income Taxes)
     [news release] [June 27, 2013]

FTA Resolutions - Postions on Major Tax Issues [approved June 12, 2013]

Washington State's Janet Shimabukuro has won the FTA Harley T Duncan Award for Leadership [April 22, 2013]

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has won the FTA Award for Management [April 22, 2013]

Washington State Department of Revenue has won the 2013 FTA Award for Compliance [April 22, 2013]

North Carolina Department of Revenue and Minnesota Department of Revenue Compliance Programs receive an honorable mention by the judges [April 22, 2013]


Pew Cites FTA Data on States' Free Online Tax Filing Services: Often Overlooked [April 11, 2013]

FTA Resolutions [approved June 20, 2012]

Wisconsin and Washington Win FTA Award for Taxpayer Service and Education [April 2, 2012]

Maryland Wins FTA Award for Training [April 2, 2012]

FTA Resolutions [approved June 15, 2011]

Gale Garriott Named New FTA Executive Director

Russ Brubaker of Washington State Department of Revenue Awarded the Wade Anderson Medal [April 26, 2011]

Len Sloup of the Nebraska Department of Revenue Wins FTA Leadership Award [April 22, 2011]

Maine, Maryland and Wisconsin Win the FTA Award for Outstanding Technology Application [April 22, 2011]

Maryland and Wisconsin Win the FTA Award for Outstanding Research and Analysis [April 11, 2011]

NACHA in Conjunction with FTA, Launches State Tax Change Portal [June 21, 2010]
  [go to the State Tax Change Portal]

FTA Mourns the Passing of our President, Janie Bowen [June 16, 2010]

Mississippi, Virginia and Washington Win FTA Compliance Award

Carlos Zamarripa, California FTB, Wins FTA Leadership Award [March 26, 2010]

West Virginia Wins FTA Management Award [March 26, 2010]

Iowa Awarded Special Honors in FTA Management Contest [March 26, 2010]

FTA Board Approves Six Resolutions [June 2, 2009]

Washington Wins FTA Award for Oustanding Training

Washington & California BOE Win FTA Award for Taxpayer Service & Education

IRS news Releases for Huricane Ike Victims in Louisiana & Texas

James R. Eads, Jr. Named New FTA Executive Director [August 14, 2008]

Washington Wins FTA Award for Outstanding Technology Application [April 14, 2008]

Iowa Wins FTA Award for Outstanding Research & Analysis [April 4, 2008]

FTA Expresses Concern - Impact of AMT Legislation on Filing Season [December 10, 2007]

FTA Testimony on Simplified Administration of State Sales Taxes - December 6, 2007 [HR 3396 & S 34]

FTA Testimony on Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Fairness and Simplification Act
  November 1, 2007
[HR 3359]

Pennsylvania Wins FTA Research Award
Louisiana Wins FTA Technology Applications Award

Oregon Tax Director Elizabeth Harchenko First Winner of Wade Anderson Medal July 22, 2004

Donald Cooper Wins Leadership Award April 9, 2004
Washington State Wins Management Award March 8, 2004
Pennsylvania and Washington State Win Compliance Award March 8, 2004

45 States Have Signed Agreement to Share Data on Abusive Tax Shelters
  Updated List of States That Have Signed the ATAT Agreement • April 15, 2006