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Federation of Tax Administrators

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State Officials

Note, employees of state tax agencies (FTA members) should look at TaxExchange (our private members only website) for more resources.

Links to State Websites

FTA maintains a website with links to the different states' website. We provide links directing uses to specific sites for various functions, including:

See Links Page

FTA Steal-It Data Base

No good idea goes un-Stolen! An online data base for states to share Best Practices, Cool Ideas, or neat little tricks. Some of these have appeared in TaxExpress, have won FTA awards, or submitted by state officials.

Recent entries include:

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FTA Meetings

A key function of FTA is to provide a means for state employees to share their experiences and learn from others. Thus, we organize various meetings and conferences specializing in different topics or functions of tax administration. Some upcoming meetings include:

see FTA meeting page

Motor Fuel Uniformity Project

The Motor Fuel Section has an active Uniformity project, which aims to improve compliance by developing flexible standards that improve fuel accountability/tracking.

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Technology Standards

The TIGERS groups develops standard for eFile, EFT payments, and other eCommerce activites.

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