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Motor Fuel Uniformity Project

Report of the FTA Uniformity Committee (Full Uniformity Book) - updated September 2015
  The Uniformity Project Book
   Uniform Forms (2014)
     [For tax forms used in each state, visit each states websites]
    Uniformity Product Codes (2014)
    Uniformity Definitions (2014)

2013-2014 Subcommitte Annual Reports
  Compliance Subcommittee
  Communication and Coordination Subcommittee
  Electronic Commerce Subcommittee
  Forms Management Subcommittee

White Papers on Motor Fuel Issues
  Taxation of Alternative Fuels [2007]
  Adjustable Tax Rates [2010]
  Virtual Audits

Survey of Motor Fuel Electronic Reporting Programs
[EDI/EC/XML] [January 27, 2012]

EDI - Ecommerce/Electronic Report Survey - January 2015

Electronic Combined Reporting Implementation Guide - updated September 2014
  Word version
  XPath document to link the paper form to the XML
      [may need to right click and save file to download xls file]
  Current XML Standards
  IRS Terminal Control Numbers TCN (current) - Maintained by the IRS

11-Point Plan