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Tobacco Tax Listserv

Note: this listserv is for government personnel only.

FTA has now set up a listserv for tobacco issues. This is a private listserv. Access will be limited to state revenue/tax agency employees who have a current TaxExchange User ID/Password. It will be moderated for appropriate use.

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The complete description of the sign-up process is below.

We hope that you will employ the list as a resource to answer your own questions about tobacco issues within other states, and contribute to the knowledge of others by participating freely in responding to questions from others. If the list or message flow becomes too unwieldy, we'll consider creating additional listservs in the future. This listserv is intended to involve any state and local taxation issues related to tobacco. This listserv should not be used to exchange sensitive taxpayer information.

Among the possible uses of this list:

  • to discuss issues being litigated with others who might have litigated the same issues
  • to seek information about cases and strategies others might have used in similar situations
  • to offer advice about a strategy or theory that has proved successful
  • many other topics that I'm sure we'll think of!

This listserv does not currenty handle E-mail attachments, so if you desire to provide those to someone, please address them directly to an individual. And please be judicious when making general postings, in terms of sending out lengthy messages and the like.

IMPORTANT: If you engage an automatic response mechanism on your e-mail, e.g., if you will be unavailable for a few days at a time, you must unsubscribe from this listserv each time the automatic response mechanism is engaged. Otherwise, the automatic response will produce a continuous stream of messages that can immobilize the listserv.

FTA (and the entire tax administration community) appreciates your participation. Please use this resource as all will benefit!

Cindy Anders-Robb, FTA

Tobacco Section Mail List, <[email protected]>


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