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FTA has now set up a listserv for the TIGERS Group. It is open to anyone, but will be moderated for appropriate use. Click here to subscribe using your web browser. See below for sending commands to the listserv using email.

We hope that folks will employ the list as a resource to answer your own questions about the status of tax agency electronic commerce, and contribute to the knowledge of others by participating freely in responding to questions from others.

Since the scope and nature of electronic commerce is changing rapidly, FTA invites you to consider the scope of the topics to be covered as broad. If you have questions about or information to contribute on:

    • XML
    • Web application development
    • E--filing
    • 2-D barcoding or other automated data capture technologies
    • EDI
    • Telefile
    • Electronic payments
    • Integrated tax systems
    • Wireless standards
    • Security measures

or other processes related to the exchange or capture of data, please consider providing them.

Among the possible uses of this listserv:

  • Gather information on other state agency practices
  • Inquire of participating companies about their business environment and EC practices, and readiness to do EC
  • Ask technical questions about EC implementations of others in similar situations
  • General information queries on EC standards, and where to learn more about them
  • many other topics that I'm sure we'll think of!

This listserv does not currenty handle E-mail attachments, so if you desire to provide those to someone, please address them directly to an individual. And please be judicious when making general postings, in terms of sending out lengthy messages and the like.

FTA (and the entire tax administration community - government and business) appreciates your participation. Please use this resource as all will benefit!

Jonathan Lyon, FTA

TIGERS Mail List, <tigers@lists.taxadmin.org>

How to send a message to everyone
Address/send an e-mail to tigers@lists.taxadmin.org.

How to get off the ListServ
Address/send an e-mail to requests@lists.taxadmin.org and put in the message body "unsubscribe tigers." (Or go to the listserv management page)

How others can join
If there are others in your agency who ought to be on the ListServ, have that person send a message to requests@lists.taxadmin.org, with "subscribe tigers " in the subject line of your message. (Or go to the listserv management page)

When your ListServ e-mail is rejected
This Listserv cannot handle E-mail attachments. If you need to send an attachment, you will have to individually address your e-mail.

Subscribe digest
Hate getting a lot of daily e-mails but like to keep up? This feature is for you. In the digest mode, you receive one e-mail each day that contains everything posted to the ListServ that day. (If there is no ListServ activity that day, you receive nothing.) Send your subscribe digest message to: requests@lists.taxadmin.org include the words "subscribe digest mfuc" in the body. (Or go to the listserv management page)

How to improve your message
It will be very helpful to everyone if you (1) make your subject line as descriptive as possible; and (2) remember to include your name and agency at the end of the message. Otherwise, in some e-mail systems, it can be nearly impossible to figure out who sent the message. (Phone numbers are also helpful).

That strange "Out of Office" message
FTA has done everything we can to make sure the technology works flawlessly. However, there will be times when someone's Out of Office message flows through to everyone on the ListServ. Occasionally Out of the Office gets through to everyone. Thus, we ask anyone using an automatic Out-of-Office reply to please unsubscribe (Or go to the listserv management page and unsubscribe).

Another way we can help
If you need to send a personal e-mail to an individual on the ListServ whose address you don't have, send a message to Jonathan Lyon. I'll give you that individual's address.


For additional information, contact jonathan Lyon