The US Economic Outlook: The Pause That Refreshes


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The US Economic Outlook: The Pause That Refreshes

The U.S. Economic Expansion Continues to Amaze

Core Inflation Is Subdued

Declining Unemployment, Particularly Among Less Educated Workers

Workers Have Done Well In This Expansion

Real GDP Growth Took Off in 1996

The Post-1995 Acceleration in Growth: A Surprise But Not a Miracle

Investment Is Rising As A Share Of GDP

And More is for High Tech

Productivity Is Accelerating

Multi-factor Productivity: Synergy on a Grand Scale

How to Finance Investment? Donít Look To Consumers

The Private Sector Saves Less, The Public Sector Saves More

U.S. Investment Opportunities Pull in Funds

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If Things Are So Good, Why Did The Fed Tighten?

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Oil Prices Are A Bit of a Problem

Higher Energy Prices Are Picking Consumersí Pockets...

ÖBut Getting Only Small Change

The U.S. Has Become More Energy Efficient

Consumer Spending is Moderating

Light Vehicle Sales Have Peaked

Home Sales Have Tapered Off

Even the Stock Market Has Sobered Up

Author: Cynthia Latta

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