Regional Economic Outlook


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Regional Economic Outlook

Variation in State Job Growth Remains Narrow

Job Growth: Narrow Differences

Variation in State Income Growth Is Beginning to Widen

High Productivity Drives Income Growth in the Northeast

Productivity is Concentrated

Productivity Growth Fastest on the Coasts

Income Growth is Accelerating Fastest in Northeast and West

Regional Income Convergence Has Halted

Capital Gains as a Share of Income

Venture Capital Supports the West

Venture Capital Is Concentrated V.C. placements as a % share of GDP, 1999

West Is Home to More Internet Sites

More Than Half the Internet Economy is in the West

Southern & Northeastern Internet-Related Firms Holding Value Better

Costs Are an Increasing Concern

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Commodity Exports Rebounding

Exposure to Exports Commodity exports as a share of GDP

Slowdown in Homebuilding is Not Uniform

Job Growth Outlook 2000-2003

Author: Steve Cochrane

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